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A Mountain Adventure

Click to view our A/W 2014 look book, featuring girls and boys wearing identical outfits.

Hey Parents!

These are the kids clothes you can wash and rewash, send your children out in all weather-fronts and know they won't fall apart, and they're unisex, so you can merrily pass them on to siblings and friends.

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Hey Kids!

Clothes don't have to have words on them that you can't read, or look like the things the adults wear. You like bright colours? We've got them. Now you can get on with the other stuff you like - climbing trees, exploring, skateboarding, swinging, running...

Latest Products

Tootsa MacGinty's collections are full of colourful, quality, children's clothes for boys and girls.
Check out our latest jumpers, T-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts.

Tibet Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt / Sun (Bear)

An adorable brown bear in Himalayan style hat and contrast raglan sleeves in sunshine yellow makes this a fun twist on a traditional baseball T-shirt for stylish boys and girls.Made from our softly pre-washed 100% cotton.

$23$25 $46$50

Persian Sweatshirt / Pepper Green (Tiger)

Featuring a stunning tiger print, this jersey marle unisex sweatshirt is cleverly designed to last for several seasons. The jersey cuffs are cut long ,to be worn rolled up or down and grow with your child.

$35$37 $70$74

Bear Sweatshirt / Black and White (Panda)

Our best selling bear sweatshirts have a new addition to the family...
a gorgeous panda bear whose muzzle zips open to reveal an impressive set of teeth chewing on a piece of bamboo.

$30$33 $60$66

Day Of The Dead Halloween Sweatshirt / Black

Limited edition unisex children's sweatshirt with brightly printed Mexican style skull. Kids will love unzipping the mouth to reveal a cheeky tongue sticking out.

$29$32 $58$64

Dawa Knit Jumper / Charcoal (moon)

Machine washable, quality itch free cashmere / wool blend girls and boys jumper with adorable sleepy moon jacquard and bright embroidered stars.

$34$40 $68$80

Napali Cardigan / Whisper

A useful, wearable 'everyday' cardigan in a stunning colourful jacquard pattern. Made from our soft, machine washable, itch free cashmere / wool blend.

$41$48 $82$96

Ravi Slim Fit Jeans / Classic Blue Denim

Quality classic slim fit boys and girls jeans with colourful embroidered trouser cuffs and bear peeping from the back pocket. Made from a premium pre-washed 100% cotton denim for comfort.

$31$33 $62$66

Jimbu all over printed leggings / Whisper

Soft, pre-washed 100% cotton rib unisex children's leggings with a colourful swimming penguin all over print.

$19$22 $38$44

Across Waist

3-6 m20 cm
6-12 m21.5 cm
12-18 m23 cm
18-24 m24.5 cm
2-3 yrs26 cm
3-4 yrs27.5 cm
4-5 yrs29 cm
5-6 yrs30.5 cm
6-7 yrs32cm
7-8 yrs33.5 cm

Inside Leg

3-6 m27 cm
6-12 m29.5 cm
12-18 m33 cm
18-24 m36.5 cm
2-3 yrs38.5 cm
3-4 yrs41.5 cm
4-5 yrs44.5 cm
5-6 yrs48.5 cm
6-7 yrs51.5 cm
7-8 yrs54.5 cm

Across Chest

3-6 m27 cm
6-12 m28 cm
12-18 m29 cm
18-24 m30.5 cm
2-3 yrs32 cm
3-4 yrs33.5 cm
4-5 yrs35 cm
5-6 yrs36.5 cm
6-7 yrs38 cm
7-8 yrs38.5 cm


3-6 m28 cm
6-12 m30.5 cm
12-18 m33 cm
18-24 m35.5 cm
2-3 yrs38 cm
3-4 yrs40.5 cm
4-5 yrs43 cm
5-6 yrs45.5 cm
6-7 yrs48 cm
7-8 yrs48.5 cm