5 bundles to be won!

Thanks to your votes we won Best Junior Fashion Brand at the 2015 Loved by Parents awards!

To celebrate we’ll be giving five lucky newsletter subscribers a 'Tootsa MacGinty Classics' bundle that includes: a smile sweatshirt, a bear sweatshirt and matching fox jumpers for a kid and a grown up!

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Winners will be contacted by email on 15th August

Competition Win 1 of 5 Tootsa MacGinty clothing bundles!

The Unisex Brand For Children

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Hey Parents!

These are the kids clothes you can wash and rewash, send your children out in all weather-fronts and know they won't fall apart, and they're unisex, so you can merrily pass them on to siblings and friends.

Fox Jumpers for Adults!

The Original Bear Sweatshirt!

Hey Kids!

Clothes don't have to have words on them that you can't read, or look like the things the adults wear. You like bright colours? We've got them. Now you can get on with the other stuff you like - climbing trees, exploring, skateboarding, swinging, running...

Latest Products

Tootsa MacGinty's collections are full of colourful, quality, children's clothes and accessories for boys and girls.
Check out our latest jumpers, T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts and cushions.

Animal Stripe T-shirt / Red (Snake)

$44$48 $22$24

Animal Stripe T-shirt / Sun (Chameleon)

$44$48 $22$24

African Animal Striped Jacquard Jumper/ Blue (Hippo)

$70$80 $35$40

Mixed Print Intarsia Knit Jumper/ Red

$72$84 $36$42

Comfy Shorts / Classic Blue Denim

$46$50 $23$25

Jersey Harem Trousers/ Vanilla (Safari)

$54$58 $27$29

Sunrise Quilted Cotton Jacket/ Pale Denim


Handmade Espadrilles/ Multi-Stripe


Across Waist

3-6 m20 cm
6-12 m21.5 cm
12-18 m23 cm
18-24 m24.5 cm
2-3 yrs26 cm
3-4 yrs27.5 cm
4-5 yrs29 cm
5-6 yrs30.5 cm
6-7 yrs32cm
7-8 yrs33.5 cm

Inside Leg

3-6 m27 cm
6-12 m29.5 cm
12-18 m33 cm
18-24 m36.5 cm
2-3 yrs38.5 cm
3-4 yrs41.5 cm
4-5 yrs44.5 cm
5-6 yrs48.5 cm
6-7 yrs51.5 cm
7-8 yrs54.5 cm

Across Chest

3-6 m27 cm
6-12 m28 cm
12-18 m29 cm
18-24 m30.5 cm
2-3 yrs32 cm
3-4 yrs33.5 cm
4-5 yrs35 cm
5-6 yrs36.5 cm
6-7 yrs38 cm
7-8 yrs38.5 cm


3-6 m28 cm
6-12 m30.5 cm
12-18 m33 cm
18-24 m35.5 cm
2-3 yrs38 cm
3-4 yrs40.5 cm
4-5 yrs43 cm
5-6 yrs45.5 cm
6-7 yrs48 cm
7-8 yrs48.5 cm